I read this post writing about “writing a kick ass about me”

Well this post went on and on about intriguing your viewers. Saying how when writing a post about yourself to tell it all. This being the way to get people to read your blog.

Well I disagree. Of course I disagree. It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t disagree. So yeah, you are going to read an about me page, and learn absolutely nothing about me . Well you are probably confused , maybe have decided you didn’t wanna play guess who. I don’t believe you need to know me to read and learn.

Ok well..

My name is none of your business… YET. We havent gotten to know each other and I don’t involve myself with strangers. As of this very moment you have no idea who I am, at this very moment I’m just some blog your friend found and decided to share with you. Or maybe you enjoy blogging and stumbled upon this . But then perhaps you do know me. Perhaps your thought of what I am restricts your capability of corresponding with my blog.

That is why you should just check it out! Get to know me, for me. Not the image you have of me.

Dont forget to scroll back up, hit the READ ME button and read a few more post. I mean come on, how bad could it be? Or I guess check your instagram feed another five times the same feed that hasn’t changed in an hour.